Replica Hermes Birkin Handbag

I’d like to say that Victoria’s collection is beautiful.and I thought the products were great,Some of the best I have ever seen, so I am sure they are worth it to whomever wants to pay their price.I find these bags the closest the bag can come to an authentic with the way the leather feels,looks, the shape of the bag,

This is a replica Birkin 30 cm made of clemence. It’s a baby bull and is a heavy. It is heavier than Togo and is most slouchy with use. Since this bag is smaller it may not slouch as much as a 35 cm

Rep 35 cm Togo leather Birkin. This bag is made of authentic Togo leatherit even has veining going thru it,they get authentic leather pieces in certain colors and that’s why the bags are more money,The work on those bags are amazing and the leather is gorgeous.There is no stinky smell at all. It smells like high end leather. It comes with a dustbag, raincoat for the bag, clochet, lock and keys.