One of the popular jewelry Idolra in here .

Idolra is a newly launched and well-knownew jewellery brand in China. The brand is exquisite and affordable to meet the requirements of major girls.


R & D and design of various management is suitable for students, family mothers, ordinary staff, professional elites, expensive and inexpensive. To be honest, jewellery of ordinary price is sure to be more popular, and the use of more expensive jewellery will be lower because of fear of scratching, losing, and stolen goods.
But if the jewelry itself is its favorite, the price can be within its own tolerance, I don’t think any girl will not want to be everyday.

At the same time, we have also developed and produced men’s jewellery and watches. In China, men are the mainstay of a family, and more and more boys are paying more attention to instrumentation and makeup. They also wear jewelry and watches to make themselves look even

more gentlemen. And steady.