The Perfect Givenchy handbag

Very well, not long ago I’ve recognized this awesome imitationGivenchy handbag, some sort of case i always style of ignored for a short time. Then When i thought to myself personally, you could start to look at this typical totes with the number. Certainly that’s as soon as Givenchy Antigona got with. Just after of which, When i believed including I did to help tendency that case promptly!

That’s anything to understand in relation to another person. At this point let’s not forget in relation to the woman surprising try looking in that snapshot which often as i claimed sooner basically states a great number of factors When i don’t have enough wards to go into detail. Besides the woman costume that’s purely great, even so the power connected with picking out the replica Givenchy handbags intended for it happens to be trickier in comparison with persons could possibly imagine. And naturally, your lover made it happen for the very best!

I did viewed that photos, in addition to from the thoughts portion When i understand I good dilemma. “Why complete custom made clutches price tag a whole lot? ” This motorola clutch included in the following paragraphs can be purchased in on in excess of $2, 500, so, just how people many people possibly vindicate of which? even so there may be seldom whatever to this particular teeny Prada custom made case, Perhaps We would simply just think rather nipped down plainly basically ordered. Wow very well, Perhaps the item doesn’t make any difference what exactly most of these famous people complete. I’m guaranteed the vast majority of clutches in addition to gadgets them to have on within the reddish colored new carpet aren’t basically an issue that many people ordered regardless. Perhaps When i won’t possibly be obtaining almost any Prada carriers every time before long!

Givenchy Antigona Bag

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This year has been all about key pieces for me, if you hadn’t noticed that already. I very much made a transition over to luxury fashion and beauty, primarily. For a few reasons. Mainly, I adore luxury fashion and have since as long as I could remember, but in the past three years, my passion for it has only grown. This has escalated to me now owning a shoe collection made up of only high-end brands and my bag collection has followed suit. Jackets are swiftly following.

But also, I found that the blogging industry is so saturated now. Everyone has a fantastic blog and is truly making their mark and I asked myself what I wanted to do differently. And that was to make my blog suit my personality entirely, and to transition into a luxury fashion blogger. And over the last year, that is what happened. There are not as many bloggers working in luxury fashion and I wanted to offer something new. So the blog became an extension of my passion for designer beauty, fragrance, fashion and accessories. And I haven’t looked back!

The Antigona is one of the most robust bags I have ever used, or seen for that matter. The leather is so perfectly structured, it would take jumping on it to break its shape. The zip is heavy duty and the handles are padded and wonderfully formed. The whole bag just has its own distinguishable and famous look. You can tell an Antigona a mile away, and whilst I was starting to think the bag was on its way out somewhat, I entirely changed my mind. It is a classic bag, with an incredible shape and beautiful leather. I would definitely just recommend you stick with the darker colours though!

One of my main concerns is always about the bag style and whether it’s timeless enough to be a “forever” bag. I’d seen the Givenchy Antigona and loved the look of it, and wondered if it would stand the test of time. I did a lot of research (an indictor of how much I really like a bag – I spent so many hours each evening looking things up about this one) and discovered that it’s popularity hadn’t decreased much at all since it’s release around five years ago. Even now they seem to be having another moment. I visited in store, asked a million questions about how the material had been treated/how to best care for it and took photos with both the medium (too big) and small (just right) sizes. I decided to opt for a slightly lighter as I often wear so many dark shades, though I must say any future purchases will most likely be made in black as light grey does require a little more maintenance.

Givenchy Combines Old Favorites and Odd New Bags in Its Spring-Summer 2017 Lookbook

It may be the holiday season right now, but brands are already looking forward to spring, and that means that we’ve got our eye on how new collections are going, too. Resort 2017 bag pre-orders have been popping up at our favorite online retailers for about a month now, and designers like Chanel and Dior have released their online lookbooks to get shoppers ready for the new collections. Today, Givenchy joins their ranks with an in-depth look at Spring 2017 (which is what the brand calls resort), and we have all the photos.

Givenchy is at an inflection point right now, and I think the brand knows it. For a couple years, the brand could do no wrong–it had legions of adoring celebrity fans who were wearing its clothes and carrying its bags at every turn, often in front of paparazzi cameras. Riccardo Tisci was among the very first high-end designers to understand how to take his collection in the emerging streetwear direction, and his foresight paid dividends. There always has to be a next thing in fashion, though, and right now, Givenchy is trying to figure out what that will be.

For Spring-Summer 2017 bags, that translates into a slightly uneven mixture of familiar bags in new color combinations–some of which flatly do not work–and new, oddly shaped bags that I’m guessing are destined to be seasonal curiosities. The new solid-color versions of bags like the Horizon and Antigona are good, though, and the logo strap that appears on a couple designs is a solid nod to how luxury streetwear has progressed since Givenchy first aced it.

Take a look at the full lookbook below; personally, I’m already looking ahead toward Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 2017 bags, which find themselves on a more solid footing.