Colored Gemstone Bands: Assorted Colors

Colored Gemstone Bands: Assorted Colors for Every Occasion

Unbeknownst to many clients, sapphires come in myriad colors. In addition to classic blue, we can also custom create these bands in different hues, like pink and green! Sapphires and rubies are great if you like a pave, or inlaid style, because they are durable enough to be set in smaller sizes unlike many other colored stones. Emeralds and tsavorites are also quite hard, and consequently they are perfect for designs such as bezel set bands.

Gemstones like aquamarine and morganite are a bit on the softer side, and therefore work better in larger band styles. For example, a chunkier style in a u-shape or shared prong setting is a beautiful way to showcase almost any gemstone. While they still require careful wear, the larger cuts are less susceptible to chipping and breakage. We recommend these in a halfway, 5-stone, or style to ensure less interaction with destructive surfaces.

Another great reason to opt for a colored gemstone band is that they are less expensive than diamonds! Most of the colored gemstone bands we carry run about $1000-$3000, whereas diamond band options start closer to $1500 and can come close to $30,000 in larger styles. Non-treated colored diamonds can be even more expensive than their colorless counterparts, so if you are budgeting for bling, the colored gemstone band might be perfect for you!