Not Sure What to Wear with Leggings? Here Are 15 Stylish Ideas

What to Wear with Leggings

While we refute the idea that leggings shouldn’t be worn beyond the confines of one’s own apartment, the age-old question of what to wear with leggings remains. On the one hand, you could go the athleisure route and pair them with sneakers and a sporty bomber, or on the other, you could dress them up for brunch or even work (yes, really) with some strategic layering.

They may not qualify as pants, perse, but they can sub in for skinny jeans on certain occasions when comfort is key—say, when getting on a five-hour flight, or running out of the house on a chilly Friday morning. For fall, you can’t go wrong layering a cozy, oversized sweater over a pair of black leggings, whether they’re leather, waxed cotton, or basic stretch spandex. Mesh-paneled styles have more of an athletic feel, so you may want to stick to wearing those on weekends with hoodies, bombers, and tees (even crop tops if you want to crib Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner‘s look)


The Hermès Birkin is the most iconic and sought-after handbag in the world (even if you don’t like it, it’d be hard to argue otherwise), and that means most fashion lovers have already absorbed a lot of information about how it was conceived, how it’s made and how hard it is to get one. There’s always more to the story, though, even for those of us who spend many of our waking hours thinking, talking, reading and writing about luxury bags.

When you envision a Birkin, your mind might go directly to the bag’s popular neutrals, but the bag has been made in a veritable rainbow of colors.

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Hermes Himalayan Birkin with Diamonds

All Hermès bags, not just Birkins, are constructed by a single artisan in one of Hermès’s ateliers; it’s a more traditional approach to manufacturing than the one used by most brands, which have different people to work on different aspects of handbag construction. And although “48 hours” may sound like just two days, that’s 48 work hours–more than a week for a single bag on a regular full-time schedule.

Patrick Thomas, the ex-CEO of Hermes . has clarified this question explicitly during the interview with the Canadian Press. ‘There’s always one craftsman responsible for the whole process of the bag, from the start to the end. To create a single bag, it cost around 15 to 20 hours’.

According to Thomas, it’s because of the intensive labor and the raw material that Hermes uses to create the bag. And he continued with details: ‘It requires not only specialized skills but also high experienced craftsmen, and the labor cost is equal to the hours of work that it is need to get the product done. Then you’ve to deal with raw materials, Hermes source and only use the best of the best for each Birkin’

Hermes Handbag


What was so interesting about this investigation was the range of excuses provided to each of the three women who entered three separate boutiques and concessions. There didn’t seem to be a uniform response provided by the Hermes sales assistants, with many of the women left even more confused by their experiences.

The first ‘regular’ woman entered the Hermes concession in Selfridges, London, and informed the sales associate that she has “yearned to own a Birkin or Kelly” and was “at last in a position to so it.” The immediate response was that none were available in the store, even to view. When pressed further, the ‘regular’ woman was told that other Hermes stores ‘may’ have some in stock but that it was impossible for the sales associate to have access to that information, even a phone call was out of the question. Upon further questioning, the ‘regular’ woman was informed that maybe there will more coming into the concession but the time frame is unknown and the waiting list is a thing of the past, with Birkins and Kellys sold on a first come, first served basis.

The second attempt by a ‘regular’ woman to purchase a Birkin occurred at the same Hermes concession in Selfridges and in the New Bond Street store, both of which are located in London. The first stop was the concession in Selfridges who inform the customer that they ‘are not selling handbags today’ and they ‘don’t communicate’ with other stores. Trying her luck at the store on Bond Street, our ‘regular’ woman again requests to see a Birkin or Kelly bag and is met with the response that there are ‘none in stock’. Pressing him, she asks when they might arrive and is informed that the staff are unaware of what is on deliveries from Paris. A last ditch attempt to get on a waiting list is met with rejection as is an attempt to provide contact details. Instead the woman is told she should pop in every day on the off chance one has arrived on a delivery from Paris.

Hermes handbags

The third attempt by a ‘regular’ woman to purchase a Birkin directly from a Hermes store occurred in Manchester, United Kingdom. She tells the sales associate she has inherited some money and would like to take a look at a . The immediate response is that there are none in the store and the waiting list was closed two years ago due to high demand. The sales associate also confides that they have never had any in the Manchester store and she has only heard of rare occasions when someone has got lucky in a London store.


miumiu jacquard 2

Some people find even the most unique accessories to be quite plain, but Miu Miu always manages to avoid that by creating handbags that look extremely unique and very elegant at the same time. Take for example this lovely handbag: it has a retro look and a very charming design but it doesn’t lack elegance. In fact, this handbag is a lovely accessory if you want to avoid being elegant and plain boring. It can bring a dynamic charm to your outfit, especially if you are wearing something with a retro look that can complement it properly. Designed by Rosa Riga, the Jacquard and leather Tote is a marvellous way to accessorize your style and feel extremely feminine. There is something about the lovely combination of black and pink that makes women very charming. The handbag is definitely suitable for a woman who wants to inspire gracefulness rather than opulence and it certainly celebrates youth through its playful design.

The handbag also has a detachable leather strap which makes it very versatile; you will be able to wear it wherever you go and the clasp fastening makes things easier because you will know that all your essentials are stored safe and secure inside.

The gold framed jacquard only adds more to the feminine aspect of this handbag and creates a subtle feeling of luxury and opulence.

This fresh and very interesting handbag model is absolutely perfect for your day or night outfits. It is certainly great for a coffee with friends, a walk in the park, a date with someone you really like or simply going out at night with your girlfriends to have fun. Whatever you choose to wear it with, make sure that it is as awesome as this handbag and you will surely impress everybody. A handbag like this can make you feel pretty and playful without being too much and it can be that accessory you need to make sure that you stand out.

Many things could be said about this lovely handbag, how exquisite it has been made, how it manages to bring out only the most elegant traits in a woman or how it easily makes a boring outfit stand out; however, in the end everything that matters is how you feel wearing it and this handbag has that charm, a sort of personality and character to it, one that makes women feel comfortable, fabulous, and unique.