Hermes Harnais Bag

Introducing the Hermes Harnais Bag. The Harnais Bag was first presented for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection and makes a second return for the brand’s latest Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. The Harnaia is a flap bag with a shape of a saddle. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and comes with a lambskin interior and two flat pockets.

It is available in a variety of Hermes leathers including: Swift, Epsom, Grizzly, Tadelakt and Alligator. The bag also comes in basic colors and different color combinations.

Identity is everything, if it’s gone, then everything-authentic about the company will disappear. That’s how Louis Vuitton came up with the Petite Malle Bag (inspired by the Classic Luggage), that’s how Chanel came with the Classic Flap Bag (inspired by the Reissue 2.55 Bag) and how Hermes came up with series of handbags inspired by Saddles like the Hermes Oxer Bag and this Hermes Harnais Bag.

You see, it’s always a good thing to purchase a bag inspired by the house’s archives because you will be carrying a piece of its history.

The Hermes Harnais Bag is first seen on the Fall Winter 2015 Collection, it comes with a shoulder strap and a large compartment in the interior with two flat pockets. There are many variations of colors available and normal leathers like Swift, Epsom or exotic like Alligator.

Elegant replica Hermes bags

The Birkin bag is an elegant accessory and a must-have if you love bags. Finding a high-quality one that looks just like the original can be difficult. There are so many replica Hermes bags on the market and, if you don’t know what to look at, you may not get one of those few high quality replica handbags. Take a look at this review and see what are the details that matter on a good fake Hermes bag.

Beyond general Hermès secrecy, several factors make determining Birkin prices tricky. First, the bag’s price varies widely among Hermès’s extensive leather offerings, even before you start looking at exotics. There’s also much variation between international markets, and since Birkins are sought-after worldwide, understanding how currency and location can affect what you pay is important for the brand’s high-flying clientele. There are also frequent price increases to take into account–finding an Hermès Birkin price list from a year ago likely won’t give you an accurate picture of what the bag will cost now.

Hermes Birkin 35cm

What we’ve set out to do is create an Hermès Birkin price list for three of the most common leathers–Clemence, Togo and Epsom–in the four sizes that are commonly used as women’s handbags. Right now, we’re focusing on the US, eurozone Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan, which are the four global markets for which pricing information is most available.


Hermes knockoff bags

Hermes is one of the most expensive brands and has some over the top bags. Very few can afford to pay the full price for an authentic bag, especially if we’re talking about the Kelly or Birkin models. Some of them are the celebrities who we see so often wearing these arm candies. Moreover, even if you have the money, you still can’t get your hand that easy on these handbags. They are exclusive items, so, in order to get one, your name will have to be put on a waiting list and no one knows for how long you’ll have to wait until you will really own one. That’s another reason why I love replica handbags so much. You pay a fraction of the entire amount and you get it right away. Plus, with these online stores, your effort decreases considerably.

When you’re thinking about the Hermes bags you have in mind simple lines and neutral colors. Well, most of the times. But Hermes also creates bags that strike, just like this Bicolor Kelly bag, in black leather and violet crocodile and it comes in a limited edition. So, imagine for how long you have to wait for a limited edition bag if for a normal one you have to wait for months, even years. That is why I would really love to see this bag as a knockoff. I would love to wear it. I am sure that it would be such an eye catching accessory and everyone’s head will turn. And sometimes I do enjoy the attention that comes with wearing a gorgeous, rare designer handbag.

What truly defines Hermes is the craftsmanship, detailing, and leather. Unlike any other brand, Hermes uses varying types of leathers and colors for each bag, which often means that your Hermes Birkin or Kelly is one of a kind. Whether you’re deciding what type of leather your dream handbag is going to be, or you’re looking to identify what kind of leather your Hermes item is, this Herme’s Leather Reference Library has you covered.

These are the bags I would like to see as Hermes knockoff bags, at least the first two ones. It would be a pity to replicate the golden Kelly because it’s impossible to get a similar result without all the real diamonds.