Why do people wear diamond rings when they get married ?

I believe that many people have participated in many weddings or have seen many weddings. On the wedding day, an important part is that new people bring rings to each other!
However, I don’t know if you have ever had such a question: Why do you want to bring a ring with marriage? Next, We will take you to find out. It is a tradition for newcomers to bring rings to each other when they get married. It has been circulated so far.
In fact, many people have expressed doubts about why marriage should bring a ring. I don’t know what it means. In fact, the reason why you want to bring a ring with a wedding is because bringing a ring means that the hearts of each other are firmly together. It is a symbol of love and a beautiful wedding1! Why do you want to bring a ring with marriage? Rings are also a commitment to each other. When new people are willing to bring a ring, it means that each other will entrust their own life, which means that they will bear the life of another person in this life.
Therefore, the link between the wedding and the ring can be said to be negligible and cannot be omitted! And not only to get a ring with a wedding, but also to bring a better ring, not a plastic ring with two dollars on the street! This is because the ring means a kind of promise, naturally not too succinct, to be sincere, need to choose!

One of the popular jewelry Idolra in here .

Idolra is a newly launched and well-knownew jewellery brand in China. The brand is exquisite and affordable to meet the requirements of major girls.


R & D and design of various management is suitable for students, family mothers, ordinary staff, professional elites, expensive and inexpensive. To be honest, jewellery of ordinary price is sure to be more popular, and the use of more expensive jewellery will be lower because of fear of scratching, losing, and stolen goods.
But if the jewelry itself is its favorite, the price can be within its own tolerance, I don’t think any girl will not want to be everyday.

At the same time, we have also developed and produced men’s jewellery and watches. In China, men are the mainstay of a family, and more and more boys are paying more attention to instrumentation and makeup. They also wear jewelry and watches to make themselves look even

more gentlemen. And steady.


Bulgari style is easily recognizable by ancient elements of Roman, Greek, Italian Renaissance, and later introduced Parisian and Art Deco style. It remains true to its roots producing jewelry and accessories of compact rounded forms that are generously decorated with gems and various colors and combinations. Bulgari is also famous for colored stones, especially sapphires mixed in unique formats.

One aspect that makes Bulgari a luxury powerhouse is the company’s dazzling clientele. International icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace of Monaco were avid collectors. Jessica Lange wore a diamond studded gold chain and bracelet by Bulgari in the 1976 movie, KING KONG. More recently, Naomi Watts and Uma Thurman were seen donning Bulgari pieces. Andy Warhol once said, “For me, calling at Bulgari’s shop is like visiting the best exhibition of contemporary art.”

Bulgari relies on a distribution network of about 300 stores, located in the most exclusive shopping areas in the world. The largest Bulgari store is the 10-story Bulgari Ginza Tower in Tokyo with 940 square meters of retail floor space. 2014 marked the 130th year of Bulgari success.


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All three of the design styles in the Georgian era suffered similar problems with the availability of precious metals and gemstones. At the time, the world was still very much beset with conflict. This meant that being that there was a lack of raw materials, many existing pieces of jewelry were re-appropriated to pay for the wars. This is especially true towards the end of the 18th century and into the early 19th.

Sadly, as a result, very little genuine Georgian jewelry exists today. As well as the reduced number of pieces being produced or surviving ones being used to finance the army abroad, Georgian jewelers had the habit of melting down pieces that went out of fashion. They would then re-use the metals and reset the gemstones. Even pieces that might have survived are very difficult to identify, as both makers and assay marks didn’t come into common use until much later. If a genuine piece of Georgian jewelry appears, it is far more likely to be dated towards the end of the period than the beginning.


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Designer Paloma Picasso has created a number of exquisite Tiffany and Co. best sellers, including the Loving Heart collection. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are designed to be worn alone or in sets, and matching rings complete the look. Simple, evocative, and popular, they are favorites with women everywhere.

Engagement rings are without a doubt among the Tiffany and Co. best sellers. From plain princess-cut solitaires to glimmering engagement rings with channel-set princess diamonds, micro-pave set round diamonds, millegrain detailing inside the band, and of course a gorgeous center diamond, these rings have been popular for decades and will certainly remain in demand well into the future.

Exquisite, colorful, and always unique, pieces from the Tiffany Prism collection celebrate the beauty of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s fabled stained-glass artwork. Intense hues and bold designs make these opulent treasures stand out. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and other stones come together to create three-dimensional masterpieces.

Colored Gemstone Bands: Assorted Colors

Colored Gemstone Bands: Assorted Colors for Every Occasion

Unbeknownst to many clients, sapphires come in myriad colors. In addition to classic blue, we can also custom create these bands in different hues, like pink and green! Sapphires and rubies are great if you like a pave, or inlaid style, because they are durable enough to be set in smaller sizes unlike many other colored stones. Emeralds and tsavorites are also quite hard, and consequently they are perfect for designs such as bezel set bands.

Gemstones like aquamarine and morganite are a bit on the softer side, and therefore work better in larger band styles. For example, a chunkier style in a u-shape or shared prong setting is a beautiful way to showcase almost any gemstone. While they still require careful wear, the larger cuts are less susceptible to chipping and breakage. We recommend these in a halfway, 5-stone, or style to ensure less interaction with destructive surfaces.

Another great reason to opt for a colored gemstone band is that they are less expensive than diamonds! Most of the colored gemstone bands we carry run about $1000-$3000, whereas diamond band options start closer to $1500 and can come close to $30,000 in larger styles. Non-treated colored diamonds can be even more expensive than their colorless counterparts, so if you are budgeting for bling, the colored gemstone band might be perfect for you!


Cartier Resonances NecklacepurpleCartier launched its newest haute joaillerie collection earlier this Summer at the Reform Club in London. The collection is filled with astonishing pieces of jewelry. Pieces may transform from necklaces to hairpins or brooches and most are like a little wink to Cartier’s rich high-end jewelry past. Come and discover the Resonances jewelry collection by Cartier.

The Resonances collection seems to honor Cartier’s earlier high-end jewelry collection. A kind of tribute to the best of the best! Later this year, Cartier will bring out more pieces to its Resonances collection, launching it this time in New York.The gemstones usually form the element from which any design starts, according to Cartier, and the gemstones are extremely beautiful in this collection. They really run the show! Obviously, this kind of jewelry is there to be admired by many, aspired by a lot, but available only to small group of clients throughout the world.

Hermès Went With Autumnal Colors on Its Fall 2018 Runway

The frame clutches, which were square little boxes on delicate chains, generally rendered in exotic leathers, were the most notable new addition of the season by far. In addition to those, Hermès also included new colors of the saddle bag it introduced for pre-fall. With plenty of black and more studs than we’ve come to expect from Hermès, as well as fall standards like tan and burgundy, the collection followed along with the dark tone that’s been running through fashion all season. Check out the runway bags below.

I think of a ton of different kinds of accessories, but I don’t think of evening bags. Clutches, maybe, but not the compact, structured little bags reserved for the most formal of events. And I had never really considered it before, but doesn’t that seem odd? Hermès clients are surely the type of people, on average, who have the occasional very fancy party to attend, and its very much a brand that outfits its customers for the full range of life experiences. As of fall, that range now includes formal weddings and charity galas.


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replica handbag


Enough talking about the Miss Dior Promenade Pouch, it’s time to show the real-life pictures. Until now, we have only showcased the model pictures, though we know that everything-Miss-Dior gotta be pretty, but we just missed ‘the something’, the final touch you know. It gives a different feeling when we observe a real image.


Alrighty then, first we must warn you. The first Miss Dior Pouch Bag is not ‘just’ a Miss Dior Pouch Bag. It’s the newest Miss Dior Pearlised Lotus Mini Pouch with Chains, which we’ve already featured some time ago (you see, that’s why you need to follow us on Facebook). It’s made in gorgeous pink and it’s like the baby version of the Miss Dior Shoulder Bag. It comes with a pearlised lambskin, a pale golden clasp that’s not only elegant, but also sophisticated deluxe.


The Miss Dior Promenade Pouch doesn’t differ too far away from the Miss Dior Bag, I mean the medium size not the large. The design is decidedly feminine and it embodies all of Dior’s modern style – classic and luxurious, the lambskin enhanced from the inside and outside by cannage stitching.


Featuring an anthracite, silver or golden clasp, depending on the color you choose. With its long and detachable chain, you can wear it cross body, on the shoulder or simply carry it by hand. Its ultra softness will guide you through the night. And the interior is as pretty as the exterior, it’s composed of one gusset compartment, a zipped pocket and two flat pockets with 12 card slots. All your evening essentials can be structured and wear it chain strap to make sure you will not lose anything.


The Miss Dior Promenade Pouch is a bit larger than a wallet, which gives the flexibility to easy-carry and more storage than the Wallet on Chain Bags. Truly a beautiful piece of luxury.

Peace & Love At The Coach Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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With the Coach Pre-Fall 2016 collection, we’re not entirely sure that they’ve managed to pull this off. While the clean design lines and crisp shapes that coach is so well-known for are still very much there, they are for the most part hidden beneath a veritable bouquet of leather appliqué cut-out flowers, patchwork, and colorful black background designs on pony hair which are reminiscent of a velvet Elvis painting at a flea market along route 66.

However, it isn’t all literal retro interpretation. There are still the beautiful flap bags with the brass turnlock closures that Coach has been making for as long as we can remember, this time updated with a sexy chain strap and done in texturized pebble leather. There are also some soft-sided pebble leather top handle satchels with detachable leather shoulder straps that will surely stand the test of time and look as good in ten years as they do today.

Iconic American handbag line Coach has given the fashion media an early-look at their pre-fall 2016 handbag collection, and we’re not exactly sure what to think. While there is absolutely no denying that the 60s and 70s trends have been dominating the runways for the past few seasons, most of the successful collections that have drawn heavily from these periods of reference (like Louis Vuitton ad Gucci) have managed to take design elements from these periods and turn them into modern interpretations of a recognizable retro inspiration.

To us, it is a collection festooned with misses, and a few very solid hits where the designers simply missed the canvas with the leather cutouts, rhinestones, and pony hair.